Promoting Stable Marriages and Healthy Families: A Guide for States

Stable marriages are vital to the well-being of individuals, families, and society. In the United States, marriage has been in decline for decades, with the greatest instability among low-income and minority Americans, though the problem is not limited to these populations.

It’s Not Politics: Fatherhood Decline Causing Rise of Religious Nones

An influential 2014 study found that political backlash among young adults – particularly in the areas of sexual ethics – was the primary cause of people fleeing Christianity. But Communio’s recent Nationwide Study on Faith and Relationships shows this explanation is no longer adequate.

Fragile Neighborhoods: A Book Event with Seth Kaplan

Please join AEI’s Yuval Levin and Dr. Kaplan for a conversation on what it means to care for our neighborhoods and how addressing the problems we find in our backyard can make a difference in tackling those facing the nation.

Why Christianity is Declining

One needs only to take a look around to see that Christianity is on the decline. Watch this report on a Communio study offering concrete reasons why.