Statement on Data Integrity

As a nonprofit ministry focused on serving churches to strengthen marriages and advance the gospel, it’s critical that the Church is ethically equipped with the best strategies and resources that are right now available to the secular world.

Major advances in technology and data have occurred over the last 20 years and the Church is frequently decades behind its secular counter parts. Technology and data can be morally leveraged by the Church to bring help and support to communities and help churches cooperate with the Holy Spirit to transform lives.

Every day from the realms of coupons to digital advertisements, secular entities leverage data to advance their business. The Church’s mission is far more important than the secular world’s mission. It’s important for the Church to close its technology gap and increase the efficacy of its invitation and outreach.

To do this, at Communio, we license data and insights from commercially available consumer credit files.  As a nonprofit, our privacy policies voluntarily comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act, which at present represents the highest standard for the protection of consumer information in the US.

Church member and attendance data are never shared with third parties, unless it is necessary to fulfill our services with a partner church.

We have never and will never share any data with a political campaign or cause.

There are souls in need of the gospel and in need of healing. The laborers of every age ought to always ethically use the best strategies and resources available to reach those souls.