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Our communities are in crisis and our churches aren’t yet equipped to help

Across the country, loneliness is skyrocketing. Life expectancy shrinks as addiction and suicide rates rise. Too many people lack meaningful relationships. At the same time, churches empty at alarming rates.

A primary factor driving this mass exodus from faith is the collapse of marriage. Millennials with married parents are almost twice as likely to attend church regularly when compared to counterparts from unmarried homes.¹

The future of faith is directly tied to healthy marriages. Yet, churches are not engaged in this area. 75% of churches lack a substantive marriage ministry.²

Less than half of Americans reach adulthood with married parents. If the church focuses its considerable energies here, families will flourish and churches will grow. Every community would thrive.

At Communio, we partner with churches to build out data-informed, full-circle relationship ministries to ensure that more people choose the adventure of marriage, and that marriages are healthy.

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¹ Relationships in America Survey, 2018
² 2019 Barna Relationship Ministry Survey

How it works

The Church has always been at the heart of America’s greatest moral and cultural health movements. Only today, we need a relational health movement. Your church can lead it. Find out how.



We help you diagnose the unique relationship health risks in your church and community.



We support your church in developing and running a customized relationship ministry, including programming and targeted outreach to those most at-risk.



We help your church grow through ongoing marketing consultation and benchmarking to track your impact over time.

Reach the people who need to be reached.

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What our partners have to say:

“Based on our church’s experiences over the last two years, it is evident that the efforts of Communio have had a substantial effect on the current drop in divorces in Duval County.”

- Pastor Wayne Lanier, Celebration Church, Jacksonville, FL

“Our initial data analysis suggests that Communio has had an exceptional impact on marital stability in Duval County. Since 2016, the county has witnessed a remarkable decline in divorce: from 2015 to 2017, the divorce rate fell 28 percent. As family scholars, we have rarely seen changes of this size in family trends over such a short period of time.”

- Dr. Brad Wilcox, University of Virginia, Director of the National Marriage Project

“Communio has been an extremely valuable partner for Fairhaven in helping us take ministry initiatives that are already in place at the church and create messaging plans within the surrounding community that are tailored individually to the recipients.”

- Ryan Adams, Associate Pastor at Fairhaven Church in Dayton, OH

“As a result of Communio, we experienced a 28 percent reduction in the divorce rate in Jacksonville in the space of two years, which is just absolutely amazing!”

- Dennis Stoica, Live the Life, Chairman

“Communio helped us with the launch of our fifth campus. The results were overwhelmingly positive! We experienced over 1,800 in attendance for our grand opening and this new campus has averaged over 1,200 in attendance since the launch. Fifty percent of those regular attendees were brand new to our church! We’re grateful to the initiative and their help in forming a very effective marketing strategy.”

- Chad Moore, Lead Pastor, Sun Valley Community Church, AZ

“Communio…used the latest marketing techniques to 'microtarget' outreach, engaged local churches to maximize its reach and influence, and deployed skills training to better prepare individuals and couples for the challenges they might face. [Communio] highlights how employing systems thinking and leveraging the latest in technology and data sciences can lead to significant progress in addressing our urgent marriage crisis."

- Dr. Seth D. Kaplan, Professor, Author, Consultant


“Communio…used the latest marketing techniques to “microtarget” outreach, engaged local churches to maximize its reach and influence, and deployed skills training to better prepare individuals and couples for the challenges they might face. [Communio] highlights how employing systems thinking and leveraging the latest in technology and data sciences can lead to significant progress in addressing our urgent marriage crisis.”

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“This is a very sophisticated program to try to intervene and get people to start families and get people who have families to stay married. You are getting serious and taking on this crisis the way that you would if you were running a business.”

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About Communio

With a direct relationship between the strength of marriages and active church participation, Communio helps your church develop a data-informed, full-circle relationship ministry.

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Communio’s core offering to the church: A data-informed, full-circle relationship ministry

This means your church provides vision, skills, and community to individuals at each stage of a relationship – leveraging 21st century tools of predictive analytics and microtargeting to reach out to those in your community most likely in need of help.


Establishes healthy dating habits and encourages marriage discernment.

Marriage Preparation

Couples assess compatibility and work with mentors before and after their wedding.

Marriage Enrichment

Married couples continuously learn skills to strengthen their relationship.

Marriage In Crisis

Couples have access to marriage intensives to help save struggling marriages.


Just 7% of churches report having this area of ministry.¹ For many twenty-somethings, “hooking up” is the norm. The most recent academic research finds that the modal time (most frequently occurring time) for when couples first have sex is now “before a relationship begins.” Meanwhile, many young adults view cohabitation as a better alternative to committed marriage. Setting aside the biblical and moral implications, social science continues to show that cohabitation increases the likelihood of becoming a single parent, suffering domestic violence, and getting divorced. Any effort to recover marriage as a social norm must square with these realities. An effective ministry for singles establishes counter-cultural norms and skills proven to improve happiness, relationship satisfaction, and life outcomes over the long term.

¹ 2019 Barna Survey

Marriage Preparation

Only 12% of churches offer substantive marital preparation with couples relationship education.¹ Most that do offer marriage preparation still lack many of the ingredients that foster healthy marriages. One critical component to an effective marriage preparation program is helping couples understand their compatibility. Ministries should also provide couples with communication skills, and help them form meaningful friendships with mentors in marriage who can help them work through the inevitable challenges that occur in early married life in the early years.

¹ 2019 Barna Survey

Marriage Enrichment

Experts in Couples Relationship Education recommend married couples commit to a habit of eight hours of marriage-strengthening activities each year. A consistent refresher for couples on how to communicate, show affection, and understand each other’s needs will ground a marriage in a set of skills to weather the normal ebbs and flows of life. Churches can also strengthen their marriage culture by providing an ongoing community where these skills and habits are practiced and encouraged.

Marriage In Crisis

94% of pastors report doing pastoral counseling for couples, but 57% report being only “somewhat” or “not very” qualified to provide effective pastoral guidance to these couples.¹ Most churches lack an ongoing ministry or road map to serve couples heading for a divorce. Communio helps your church develop its own marriage crisis game plan, anchored in best practices, to give couples the greatest chance of experiencing health, happiness, and forgiveness in their marriage.

¹ 2019 Barna Survey

When partnering with Communio

Divorce Rates Plummet

Over a three-year experiment, over 50 churches used Communio’s model to drive divorce rates down 28% in Jacksonville, FL.

Church Attendance Rises

Leveraging data insights and new relationship ministries, Communio helped partner churches boost weekly attendance by 23%.

Weekly Tithing Increases

As Communio-supported churches grew attendance and regular participation, they saw an average 28% increase in weekly collections.

Your church has the power to change more lives.

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