Equipping Churches to Evangelize through Healthy Relationships & Marriage

Communio is a nonprofit that trains and equips churches to evangelize through the renewal of healthy relationships, marriages, and the family.

New Book Release:

Endgame: The Church’s Strategic Move to
Save Faith and Family in America

Co-authored by Communio President JP De Gance and Dr. John Van Epp PhD, founder of LoveThinks, Endgame diagnoses the root cause of the collapse of faith in Jesus Christ and how churches can solve the crisis.

“Endgame is the marriage and family manifesto the church needs to heed.”

– Ted Cunningham, Pastor, Author, & Speaker           

“Endgame is the book that every bishop, priest, and lay family minister needs to read.”

– Helen Alvaré, Member of Vatican Dicastery

How Communio Works

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Communio helps your church uncover the marriage and relationship health of your members and community through first-party survey and data insights tools.


Communio equips you to build a Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry® to strengthen the relationship health of your church and evangelize your community through the renewal of marriage and family life.


Communio provides ongoing ministry consultation to execute your ministry and turn-key outreach services to invite new people to your new experiences.


Communio equips you to measure efficacy of your ministry and discipleship in real time in order to make adjustments as new data becomes available.

Reach the people who need to be reached.

Pastors + Communio

Pastors + Communio

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When partnering with Communio

Divorce Rates Plummet

Church Attendance Rises

Weekly Generosity Increases

Your church has the power to change more lives.

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