churches to
change more lives

Communio is a nonprofit that consults with churches equipping them with proven strategies and technologies to solve our nation’s family and faith crisis.

How it works


We diagnose the marital and relationship needs of your members and your community through assessments and insights gained from consumer product data.


We help you select the right set of relationship ministry strategies, train your staff on best practices, and help you design events that draw in those not already connected with your church.


We help you run tailored outreach to those in your community most at risk for divorce, single parenthood, financial insolvency, and many other relationship challenges.

Reach the people who need to be reached.

Pastors + Communio

What our partners have to say:

When partnering with Communio

Divorce Rates Plummet

Church Attendance Rises

Weekly Generosity Increases

Your church has the power to change more lives.

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