Our Mission

Communio is a nonprofit that consults with churches equipping them with proven strategies and technologies to solve our nation’s family and faith crisis.

Who We Are

Communio’s shared goal with a church is Christ- centered. Our objective is to help you bring more souls to Christ by evangelizing and discipling relationships and marriages. From the beginning, marriage has been central to God’s plan for humanity. Communio serves you to make marriage central to your church.

Communio is not another program. Rather, we equip your church with a proven strategic framework, 21st century data tools, and a ministry game plan that helps you put members of your church – and those in your surrounding community – onto a growth journey toward healthier relationships.

Communio helps you and your leadership team select, promote, and run large, attractional community outreach events that flow people into ongoing engagement, and ultimately into skill-based relationship ministry.

The end result: your church is equipped to run a Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry™ that strengthens marriages, grows your church, and transforms your community.

What It Looks Like

Communio partners with churches across all Christian faith traditions to build out Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministries. Every partnership starts with a comprehensive diagnostic of the relationship health quality of the church – and the community. That data informs the development of a ministry strategy.


LCBC Church, at 15-campus multisite in Lancaster, PA hosted more than 6,200 people for their first-ever Outreach Event - a “Great Date” for couples. Couples left having a fun, memorable night out that edified healthy marriage and relationships. The event is part of a long-term strategy Communio helped LCBC design to put people on a growth journey toward healthier relationships.

St. Michael Parish

A Communio-supported parish in Fairfax, Virginia hosted more than 230 people for its first-ever outdoor “Screen on the Green” couples date night as part of its new, multi-year outreach and evangelization initiative to support marriages. More than 60 percent of those in attendance were not members of the church. The date night was the culmination of a six-week outreach campaign the parish launched with support from Communio.

What is a Full-Circle Relationship Ministry™?

This means your church provides vision, community, and skills to individuals at each stage of a relationship – leveraging 21st century tools of predictive analytics and microtargeting to reach out to those in your community most likely in need of help. We then help you select from a catalog of the nation’s leading publishers within relationship ministry to curate the most effective approaches for your membership and community.


Establishes healthy dating habits and encourages marriage discernment.

Marriage Preparation

Couples assess compatibility and work with mentors before and after their wedding.

Marriage Enrichment

Married couples continuously learn skills to strengthen their relationship.

Marriage In Need

Couples have access to marriage intensives to help save struggling marriages.

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