Are Family and Faith Staging a Comeback?

Despite troubling societal trends like a decline in marriage and a baby bust, proponents of family and faith find cause for optimism, citing evidence that their values contribute to well-being. Research suggests that religious involvement correlates with various positive outcomes, from lower mortality rates to greater happiness.

The Case for Saying ‘I Do’

Historically, most American adults were married — more than two-thirds as recently as 1970. But the married share has crept downward, and today only about half of adults are married.

Men Without Meaning: The Harmful Effects of Expressive Individualism

Religious institutions also have a vital role to play in the renewal of marriage and family. According to a report by Communio, shockingly, 85 percent of all churches in the United States spend nothing annually on marriage and relationship ministry. This is a cyclical relationship, as “the collapse in marriage and the resulting decline in resident fatherhood may offer the best explanation for the decline in Christianity in the United States.”

Marriages surge past 2M nationally for first time since 2019

After falling to a historic low during the COVID-19 pandemic, marriages in the United States saw a significant rebound in 2022 and surged past the 2 million mark for the first time since 2019, new data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows.