Learn What a Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry® Looks Like for Your Church

Communio: Helping Marriages Thrive

Learn how Communio is partnering with churches across the country to build Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministries® that are positively impacting marriages and families in their congregations and communities.

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Here's What it Looks Like to Build Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry®

Diagnosis of your church’s relationship needs

Communio equips you to run a mobile survey of your members to gather immediate biographical data and insights on the quality of their personal and marital relationships. Communio then uses insights gained from consumer products data to uncover additional relationship risk areas within your membership and in the community around your church.

Customized Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry®

Communio helps you select the right set of programs from a catalog of relationship content and strategies designed for singles, the engaged, and married couples. We train your staff on a full-circle approach that serves people at each of these life stages and help you design launch events drawing in those not already connected with your church. You also establish a cadence of skills-based workshops to strengthen relationships.

Marketing and micro-targeted outreach support

Communio helps you scale participation in your new relationship ministry through targeted digital and mail outreach. We help you build marketing audiences of people who fit predictive models for divorce, single parenthood, financial strain, and other relationship challenges. Communio then helps you develop creative, place advertisements, and track efficacy over time. 

Hands-on training and ongoing strategic support

We match you with a relationship ministry consultant who sits down with you for an initial two-day strategy session to review your congregation’s unique familial challenges, develop your team vision, and sketch out a two-year strategic ministry plan. Communio is then on-site quarterly for two years to review your progress and help you re-calibrate strategies if necessary. 

Communio Case Study: Sun Valley Community Church

Communio equipped Sun Valley Community Church in Phoenix, AZ with data analytics and marketing tools to more effectively reach out to those in their community and spread the Gospel. Leveraging these new tools, Sun Valley is now one of the fasted-growing Evangelical churches in the nation.