Individual Church Growth

Two unique churches in Phoenix see remarkable membership growth, greater active participation, and increased giving after focusing their ministry on family and relationship health.

Sun Valley Community Church Evangelical Baptist, Phoenix, AZ

Sun Valley is a multi-campus Evangelical church based in Phoenix. Through the 18-month experiment with Communio, the church’s leadership team had a goal of increasing overall membership and launching a fifth campus in the Queen Creek area of Phoenix. Leveraging the data insights tool, Sun Valley built an audience of non-churchgoers with a propensity toward faith in a five-mile radius of their campuses. They also developed an audience of those with marriages in need. These individuals were then served targeted digital advertising with invitations to participate in programs focused on improving relational and marriage health. Their team also capitalized on major Christian holidays like Christmas to advertise and host large-scale services for non-active, faith-oriented individuals.

“Communio helped us with the launch of our fifth campus. The results were overwhelmingly positive! We experienced over 1,800 people in attendance for our grand opening and this new campus has averaged over 1,200 in attendance since the launch. Fifty percent of those regular attendees were brand new to our church! We’re grateful to the initiative and their help in forming a very effective marketing strategy.”
- Chad Moore, Lead Pastor, Sun Valley Church

Sample Ads

Sun Valley Church targeted faith-seeking, non-churchgoers with digital ads to drive participation in their relationship strengthening workshops.

Christ Greenfield Church Lutheran – Missouri Synod, Gilbert, AZ

Christ Greenfield is a mid-sized Lutheran church based in Phoenix. After uncovering some eye-opening reporting on the poor quality of marital relationships in their area, the leadership team set a goal of strengthening marriage in their congregation and their surrounding community. Their marketing strategy focused heavily on driving individuals who fit a predictive model for divorce or a marriage-in-need to attend their date night events. In fact, Christ Greenfield took a major move to increase the frequency of these church-sponsored date nights from once a year to once a month. Pastors also made a deliberate effort to inject healthy marriage messaging into weekly sermons

“We looked at the data and realized Gilbert needs help with their marriages. The divorce rate was really high, even within our church. So we started with one date night a year and now we do one a month. Now, we’re using the data for target marketing to invite the community.”
- Pastor Jacob Boessling, Christ Greenfield Lutheran

Sample Ads

Christ Greenfield ran targeted digital ads for their monthly “date nights” to draw in couples with marriage needs.