Summer Family Olympics

Connect as a family this summer with this fun and free kit. This kit includes a guide for a family “Chopped” competition, various outdoor games, and printable awards!

Establishing Teams

Get ready for a day of friendly competition by breaking into teams! Get your team pumped up for victory by choosing a team color and name and then dressing up to show your team spirit.

Print out this Team Scoring Sheet and this Torch to prepare to compete. Host an opening ceremony where the torch is passed between team members

Let The Games Begin

Water Frisbee Relay

Supplies needed:

– 1 frisbee per team
– 1 large container filled with water per team
– 1 tall narrow container at the end per team

Each team member fills the frisbee with the desired amount of water and runs to the end to pour the water into the container, being careful not to spill. The team member then sprints back to their team so the next person can fill the frisbee with water and run to dump into the container. First team to fill the container at the end with water wins!


Human Ring Toss

Supplies needed:

– 3 inflatable pool rings per team

Have a designated team member stand a decided upon distance from the ring throwers. Then compete to see who can throw as many tubes onto their teammate the fastest. Teammates can help by bending, ducking, and wriggling, but can not move from their location.

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Beach Ball Bowling

Supplies needed:

– Large empty soda bottles
– Bag of dried beans or sand
– Beach ball

Fill a collection of empty soda bottles about halfway or less with dried beans or sand. Line them up and see who can hit the most pins with a beach ball!

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Feel free to also incorporate other lawn games you may own into the competition such as Kan Jam, cornhole, bocce or croquet!

Family Chopped Competition

If you watch the Food Network you may know the show Chopped! In the show several chefs get a mystery basket of ingredients, usually with some strange options, and compete to create the best tasting dish with what’s on hand. This is a fun way to get creative in the kitchen as a family!

  • Start by making identical baskets of ingredients for each team. The baskets should have ingredient staple but also one or two funky or unusual items that will require creativity. You can find some basket ideas here
  • Teams will have to share kitchen resources like the oven and stove, so make sure to agree on who will use what first.
  • You can either bring in an outside, unbiased judge or have every team member cast a vote after tasting everyone’s dish at the end.
  • Set up a workstation for each team.
  • Decide on a time frame and set a timer. Once every team has their basket and work station, hit go!
  • Each team should come up with a strategy for their dish and assign different tasks to different members of the team (ex: chopping, grating, measuring, plating etc)
  • Before the timer goes off each team must plate their meal to look as appealing as possible for the judging.
  • Teams will present their dish to the judge or to each other before the dishes are tasted.
  • Make sure the judge or team members find something to praise about each dish, even if it’s not their favorite!
  • The winner should be chosen on the following criteria:

    – Taste

    – Presentation

    – Team work

    – Were all the ingredients used? Take off a point for every missing ingredient and add an extra point for creative use of ingredients.

Printable Awards

At the end of the day host an award ceremony! Print out the awards below and bestow them on the winning members!

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