Baseball Bracket
Couples Competition

Use this fun baseball kit to connect with other couples during baseball season! Contains a 3 week bracket, fun game to play with other couples, baseball themed recipes and more.

Couples Bracket

Connect with other couples over baseball with this bracket competition! Choose a couple (or several) to each fill out this printable bracket below. Decide on certain bets you’ll agree to, to keep the spirit of competition alive! (For example: If we lose we will watch your kids, or treat you to dinner, or mow your lawn etc)

On the final game day, host a party with this baseball themed game, snacks, and prizes!

Baseball Snacks

These baseball themed snacks will make you feel like you’re out at the old ball game, even from home!

Baseball Bingo

Before the game begins, print out one of these bingo boards for each couple. Whoever reaches bingo first, wins!

Winner Certificates

Print out this certificate to bestow upon the couple who wins the Baseball Bracket! You can fill in the blank of whatever their “prize” will be.

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