Barna Webinar for Pastors Exploring Church Ministry Strengths and Gaps

More than one in four Americans hold no religious affiliation. That number climbs to four in 10 among Millennials.  But, Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers shockingly have nearly the same level of church attendance if they have just one trait in common: Their parents remained married through childhood. 

Communio has commissioned multiple academic studies seeking to understand the hidden drivers of religious decline and has engaged in more than $20 million in experimentation with hundreds of churches over the last 3 ½ years to find the effective methods to reverse this trend.

During this national webinar, we’ll review findings of a new Communio-commissioned study through the Barna Group seeking to understand how churches are allocating their ministry time and resources.  The study revealed a massive ministry gap that, if filled, could produce major renewal in just a few years.  During our conversation, we’ll also share details on Communio’s unique Church Platform and City Platform, which serves churches in filling this gap.

Barna Webinar: Catholic Pastors & Parish Leaders  |  March 21, 3:30 PM EST


Barna Webinar: Evangelical & Mainline Pastors  |  March 21, 4:30 PM EST