Welcome to Your Family Lenten Evening

Lent is a call to prayer, fasting, and almsgiving to prepare for the passion and resurrection of our Lord. Enjoy a curated evening together as a family to start intentionally living out these Lenten disciplines to detach from worldly distractions, amend your lives, and grow closer to the Lord.

Start the evening with a Lenten supper!

Appetizer: Mac & Cheese Balls

Start with a fun and kid-friendly appetizer! Mac and cheese balls are a fan favorite and sure to please even your pickiest eaters.

The Main Course: Fish Dinner

Enjoy an easy-to-prepare Lenten meal together! Choose from one of three tasty fish dinner recipes below. Whether you're master chefs or chefs-in-training, there's a delicious recipe to cook together no matter your culinary skills.

Family Lenten Habit Tracker & Devotional

Now, as a family, wrap up your evening with a commitment to live out the three Lenten disciplines - prayer, fasting, and almsgiving - using this special Lenten Habit Tracker & Devotional as your guide.

This editable and downloadable kit includes a beautiful "Stations of the Cross" devotional and a simple list of weekly activities to "give up" or "take on" as a couple to re-focus your hearts and minds on the Lord this Lent.

Time to Play!

Now, turn off the TV, and play together as a family.

Gather around and get ready for some friendly competition! Here are 3 fun ideas you can play right at home with kids of almost any age.

Credit: playtivities.com

1) Cookie Monster

- Break out a box of oreos or any other cookie or even a chocolate bar!

- Sit two people next to each other, heads tilted back, and place the cookie (or chocolate square) on their forehead.

- Once the timer starts both people must use only their facial muscles to move the cookie from the top of their face to their mouth—no hands allowed!

- Whoever eats the sweet treat first wins! Feel free to play multiple rounds or compete in a relay if you have multiple people participating!

Credit: shannanmartinwrites.com

2) Noodle Head

- Take out a box of spaghetti and a box of penne pasta.

- Break up into teams and race to see who can get the penne noodles onto the spaghetti. The catch—No hands allowed! You must guide the spaghetti through the noodles using only your mouth.

- Whoever fills their spaghetti with penne first wins!

Credit: playtivities.com

3) Leaning Tower

- Set up a tower of plastic disposable cups with a small piece of paper between each level. Take turns pulling the sheet of paper out as fast as you can, so the cup stacks onto the cup below it. If the cups fall over, you’re out!

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