Welcome to Your In-Home Date Night!

Ready, set, romance! On this page you’ll find the perfect ingredients for a great date night at home -- dinner and dessert for two, meaningful conversation starters, and a special from Ted Lowe.

Before you get started, take steps to make the most of this in-home date night:


Treat date night at home with the same intentionality as a night out – this means putting away your phone, reducing distractions, and focusing on each other


Have kids? Give them an early dinner, put them to bed early, or give them an alternative activity such as a movie or game to keep them busy. Click here for some other ideas.


Be flexible! Date night at home might be different than your usual routine. Don’t let a few mishaps or small roadblocks get in the way of having a great time.

Now It’s Time to Get Your Date Night On​

Dinner for Two: In-Home Date Night Recipes

Having to make meals at home over and over again can sometimes take the joy and creativity out of cooking. The kitchen may seem like the last place you could have a romantic staycation or date night – but with a little ingenuity and these pantry staples you can create a fun and simple date night meal! While you cook, focus on connecting with each other. This is a great opportunity to catch up, ask questions, and learn something new about your date. A few conversation starters are included below the recipes.

French Crepes

While crepes may sound like a fancy Parisian treat, they are actually quite simple to make. You will need the following ingredients: eggs, flour, milk and any filling you can dream up! Here are some suggestions:

Savory Filling Ideas

Goat cheese
Sun Dried tomatoes
Sautéed spinach or broccoli

Ham & Apple
Sliced apples
Cheddar cheese

Sautéed mushrooms
Mozzarella cheese / cream sauce

Dessert for Two: Chocolate Fondue

Decadent and delicious, a pot of bubbling chocolate fondue is the perfect way to end date night on a sweet note. You’ll need a chocolate bar, half & half or butter and milk. As far as what to dip in? Anything you can find: fruit, pretzels, cookies, pound cake, marshmallows etc.

Two recipe variations can be found here:

Conversation While You Cook

While you cook, here are a few fun conversation topics to help you connect

Pick a TV or movie character that most reminds you of me and explain why you chose that character.

Tell me your version of our story; how we met, our first date, the emotions you experienced.

List the qualities in me that led you to choose me as your partner in life. Explain why those were important to you.

Describe what quality time together this week would look like to you.

From your childhood, explain the games you played that were most memorable and why they have so much meaning for you.

Describe your dream vacation. Include the kinds of activities you’d plan, the meals you eat, and who you’d like to travel with.

Describe something new you’ve been learning this week and how it’s affected you, our relationship, and our family.

After you've prepared your dinner, it's time to settle in for a special with Ted Lowe! We've included this exclusive opportunity below.

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Keep It Going

This week, write five sticky notes with one-sentence things you love and appreciate about your spouse. Place them where he or she will find them when you aren’t around.

Thanks for participating in our In-Home Date Night! Consider this important time to find ways to build your relationship, make memories together, and prioritize your relationship. This is a time to have great shared experiences you can tell your children and grandchildren about many years down the road.