Enjoy a Date Night Under The Stars

We all may be feeling confined right now, but we can still experience a romantic adventure in the comfort of our own home!

Before you get started, take steps to make the most of this in-home date night:


Treat date night at home with the same intentionality as a night out – this means putting away your phone, reducing distractions, and focusing on each other


Have kids? Give them an early dinner, put them to bed early, or give them an alternative activity such as a movie or game to keep them busy. Click here for some other ideas.


Be flexible! Date night at home might be different than your usual routine. Don’t let a few mishaps or small roadblocks get in the way of having a great time.

Now It’s Time to Get Your Date Night On​

Start the Evening by Setting Up Your “Campground”

If you have a backyard, set up a fire pit and a tent. Play some lawn games or card games together, just like you would if you were immersed in nature. If you don’t have access to outdoor space, no worries! You can still set up a “tent” made out of blankets and pillows right in your living room. Add a touch of whimsy and fun with glow sticks and homemade stars cut from tinfoil you can stick to the ceiling. And of course, turn off technology – no phones, no texts.

Create a Picnic Dinner

Get out your picnic basket and fill it up with finger foods and snacks. Layout a blanket in your backyard or living room campground and dive in! While you’re enjoying your picnic, open up your laptop or tablet and enjoy our Couples Comedy Club special:

Play Video

Enjoy a Night Cap

It wouldn’t be camping without s’mores! After enjoying some laughs, end the night on a sweet note with some tasty s’mores. If you have a campfire going, there’s always the traditional way. If you don’t have a firepit, you can create s’mores dip in your oven with this recipe:

Keep the TV and phones off for the rest of the evening – sing campfire songs, play games, and tell stories under the stars, whether they’re real or homemade! If you have kids, now’s a great time to bring them into the fun to close out the evening.

We hope you enjoyed your date night!

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