Enjoy a Date Night
with an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Find connection and laughter together with this high-spirited and creative date night in! Download this fun scavenger hunt list below for the perfect, affordable date night.

Before you get started, take steps to make the most of this in-home date night:

If you have children, we know it can be hard to find some time alone. It’s so vital, not just for your marriage, but for the health of your entire family that parents take time to invest in their relationship and love for one another. We have put together some ideas for how to occupy your kids during your Date Night, so you can better focus on each other!

Now It’s Time to Get Your Date Night On​

1) Start the evening by setting up.

Before you begin your scavenger hunt turn on some music to set the mood. We created this Spotify playlist just for you. Make sure you both have a basket or something to hold your finds in before the game begins.

2) Ready, Set, Scavenge!

Click HERE to download and print out a scavenger hunt list for each of you. Once you both have your lists, start the timer and let the game begin!

3) End On A Sweet Note.

After tallying the points, one of you will be declared the winner! The loser can do the dishes after you create and enjoy this lovely dessert together. Whip up a sweet and simple dessert with this recipe here:

We hope you enjoyed your date night!

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