Enjoy a Date Night Building a Time Capsule

There’s nothing more romantic than learning more about your partner and dreaming about the future together. Below is your “Build Your Own Time Capsule” Kit and a romantic recipe. Spend the evening reminiscing about the past and building excitement for the future, together!

Before you get started, take steps to make the most of this in-home date night:


Treat date night at home with the same intentionality as a night out - this means putting away your phone, reducing distractions, and focusing on each other


Have kids? Give them an early dinner, put them to bed early, or give them an alternative activity such as a movie or game to keep them busy. Click here for some other ideas.


Be flexible! Date night at home might be different than your usual routine. Don’t let a few mishaps or small roadblocks get in the way of having a great time.

Now It’s Time to Get Your Date Night On​

Get Started

Set the mood for fun with this romantic and upbeat playlist. Next, click here to download your Date Night Time Capsule Kit! Print out the sheets and spend some time filling them out together.

Next Step - Get Crafty!

Find something to make a time capsule and don’t be afraid to get creative. A simple solution would be a shoebox or cardboard box. Have fun decorating your box with any craft supplies you have on hand, personalizing it to you both.

Seal It Up!

Use the dated sheet in your kit to tape over your closed time capsule, leaving it “sealed”. Make sure to put it somewhere safe but that you won’t forget about. Set a reminder to check back at the allotted time and add updates as the years go by!

End on a Sweet Note

After a night of reminiscing and dreaming for the future, end with a sweet treat you can share together. Here's a recipe for a skillet cookie for two:

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