Video Training Modules

Communio has developed a library of video trainings that unpack the core elements of a Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry® as well as keys for effective implementation. They serve as a helpful supplemental resource to the direct ministry consultation you receive from your Church Strategist.

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Introduction & Orientation

Welcome & Introduction

Groundbreaking new data shows that the collapse of marriage is driving the decline of faith in America. So far, the Church has struggled to address the crisis. This series introduces your church to powerful data that shows why our youth are leaving and how your church can solve the crisis through marriage- and relationship-focused evangelism and ministry.

Part 1: Marriage Health & the Church

Learn about the root cause of our nation’s family decline and how your church can solve it.

Part 2: A Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry®

Learn how marriage and relationship-focused discipleship can close the biggest ministry gap in the Church today.

Part 3: The Ministry Engagement Ladder®

Learn about the strategic framework your church will deploy to move a large group of people from outreach into skills-based Growth Journeys.

Part 4: Church Case Study

See what a Full-Circle Relationship Ministry® looks like in action at Sanctuary Christian Fellowship.

3 Keys to Effective Relationship Ministry

A Full-Circle Relationship Ministry® is built around three mutually-reinforcing pillars: vision, community, and skills. That means, starting from the pulpit, God’s plan for marriage is regularly communicated, upheld, and celebrated (vision). Your church then hosts ongoing ministry experiences people form strong relationships (community) and provides ongoing skills-based ministry offerings that teach practical skills for improving relationship health (skills).

Part 1: Introduction

This video introduces you to the three mutually-reinforcing pillars that for the foundation of your Full-Circle Relationship Ministry®.

Relationship Health Assessment

How to Deploy Your Relationship Health Assessment

A first step in launching your Full-Circle Relationship Ministry® is having a clear picture of the unique marital and relational needs facing your church and surrounding community. This series discusses how Communio will help your church leverage survey and data tools to diagnose unique relationship needs and opportunities.

Part 1: Running Your Relationship Health Assessment

This video provides step-by-step instructions for how your church can run its Relationship Health Assessment.

Creating Your Mission Plan

Outreach Events

Ongoing Engagements

Growth Journey