Couple’s Christmas Date Night

Spend a festive and fun evening reconnecting & getting in the holiday spirit!

Having a romantic holiday date doesn’t have to cost much. Below are two fun Christmas activities for you and your loved one to enjoy together! Set some time aside to reconnect, laugh, and enjoy one another this holiday season.

Before you get started, take steps to make the most of this in-home date night:

If you have children, we know it can be hard to find some time alone. It’s so vital, not just for your marriage, but for the health of your entire family that parents take time to invest in their relationship and love for one another. We have put together some ideas for how to occupy your kids during your Date Night, so you can better focus on each other!

Gingerbread House Making Board

Enjoy a classic childhood activity and create some new decor for your home this season with gingerbread house making! We’ve all heard of charcuterie boards, but what about candy boards? Take the activity up a notch by creating a fun board displaying all your favorite holiday candies for decorating your masterpieces. Use the step by step instructions below for inspiration, but have fun with it!

1) Get Your Supplies – All the candy used on the board below was found at either the Dollar Tree or Walmart, so no need to break the bank! Now you can either buy or make some classic gingerbread or go the easier route and use graham crackers and frosting for the same effect!

2) Design Your Board – Once you’ve collected your sweets have fun designing your board. If you don’t have a serving platter try a cutting board or large plate for the base. While there’s no rules, it always helps to alternate colors and use festive bowls to break up the different sections. Here are some simple design steps.

❄️ Start by placing your bowls diagonally across the board. No candy bowls? No worries – This board used a candle votive as a festive bowl idea!

❄️ Add some smaller candies in a circle around the center bowl, to create a ring around it. Here we used gumdrops.

❄️ Take your long candy, like peppermint sticks, and place them at opposite ends for symmetry.

❄️ Now add your building materials, either gingerbread, graham crackers, cookies etc on either side, framing the center candy bowl.

❄️ Fill in the remaining empty space with your remaining sweets.

❄️ Add your finishing touches! We added some smaller candies as accents.

3) Finally, Set the Scene – Ta-da! You now have a beautiful display of holiday candy ready for your date night. Put your candy board at the center of the table, turn on some Christmas music, and settle in for some time of creativity and ingenuity!

Gingerbread House Making Board

Click here to download your Couple’s Christmas Bingo list! This Bingo board is meant to be played over a period of time, motivating and inspiring you to complete these fun date night ideas and activities. Hang it on your fridge or in a central spot in your home to be a reminder to make time together a priority during the busy holiday season!

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