Want a Faith-Filled Nation Back? Build the Family

J.P. De Gance highlights the correlation between intact families and religious commitment, noting that 80% of churchgoers come from continuously married homes. Observing societal issues stemming from family breakdown, De Gance founded Communio to assist churches in promoting healthy relationships and marriages, aiming to revitalize faith in America by strengthening families. He discusses the importance of restoring the family in fostering a revival of faith on “The Daily Signal Podcast.”

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Get Married: An Interview with Brad Wilcox

Brad Wilcox, author of Get Married, highlights the work Communio has done.

“I am encouraged, for instance, by the work that Communio is doing to strengthen marriage and family ministries in Catholic and Protestant churches across America and the work that Governor Spencer Cox and the Utah legislature are doing to advance the Success Sequence and a range of other family-friendly laws. I am also impressed by what J. P. De Gance and Live the Life seem to have done in their marriage initiative in Jacksonville, Florida to bring down divorce rates there.”

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