Partnership Application

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Communio to build your own Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry®.

The Church remains the best hope to save the family. Communio is a nonprofit ministry with generous donors sold out on the belief that the Body of Christ – the Church – is THE solution to our family and faith crisis. Another program cannot solve this crisis. It requires comprehensive and strategic action by your church to solve it within your walls and across your community.

Communio’s donors understand this reality as well as the real costs required to equip pastors with world-class data tools, marketing and outreach services, and one-on-one ministry consultation to generate a national renewal of the family through the local church.

In all, Communio invests $92,000 annually into every church. Partner churches pay just a third of those costs annually. In other words, for every $1.00 your church invests with Communio, our donors contribute $2.00. Your investment in this significant undertaking signals your commitment to the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

But, considering the significant investment our donors make into our partner churches, Communio evaluates churches beyond just their ability to pay for services. Fundamentally, Communio donors desire churches aligned on vision and leadership for the renewal of marriage. It is why Communio conducts an evaluation of all potential church partners to determine if they have the vision and leadership capacity – or are serious about building up that vision and capacity – to launch and sustain a Full-Circle Relationship Ministry®.

Working with many different churches across the country, we’ve learned that there are certain unique elements Communio brings to the table and certain other elements the church brings to the table. Specifically, Communio partners with churches who meet three key criteria:

  • They have a pastor on mission with a zeal for souls and a desire to attract new people to the church,

  • They select a vision-aligned, paid staff member to run the ministry, and

  • They have a willingness to spend church resources on adult ministry.

When Communio and your church have these aspects in place, along with your willingness to measurably track ministry activities and assimilation of new and existing members, it leads to a mission executed with great efficacy.

Please take a moment to answer the questions below. Your responses, along with those collected through conversations with your Director of Church Engagement, help us determine if a partnership with Communio and your church will be fruitful.