Heritage Innovation Prize

Communio wins Heritage Foundation's Innovation Prize

Alexandria, VA: The Heritage Foundation on Wednesday, April 19, named Communio a recipient of the 2023 Heritage Innovation Prize.

The Innovation Prize is awarded annually to organizations that demonstrate outstanding leadership and creativity in advancing principles that strengthen American society. Communio was selected for developing data-informed support for churches to build healthy marriages and families as well as for its groundbreaking partnership with Hampton University, a historically black university.

“We’re proud to award the Innovation Prize, using the resources generously provided by fellow Americans, to Communio for its tremendous work of helping to stabilize marriages and families. Strong families are crucial for a stronger and healthier civil society,” Kevin Roberts, president of The Heritage Foundation, said in a statement announcing the award.  

This $100,000 award will support Communio’s partnership with Hampton University to advance the National Center for Black Family Life.  Communio partnered with Hampton University to launch this new on-campus center to build and strengthen Black families through innovative research, educational programming, and partnerships with churches and schools.

Through the leadership of Dr. Linda Malone-Colon, the Center at Hampton University will adapt Communio’s approach to the needs of black churches and communities.

“By so many measures, the 21st-century family is in critical condition and faces growing challenges,” says J.P. De Gance, President and Founder of Communio. “However, I’m incredibly hopeful seeing the impact our church partners have made so far, and even more excited about what lies ahead through our partnership with Dr. Malone-Colon and Hampton University.”

Communio equips churches to evangelize through the renewal of healthy marriages and relationships.  The organization has developed its Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry® approach that has supported more than 180 Protestant and Catholic churches to become community hubs supporting single and married people to have healthy marriages and relationships.