Enjoy an Exclusive Offering of Short Films for a Creative Date Night

Spend an evening enjoying a fun recipe and two Academy Award-nominated short films brought to you by Windrider Studios

Before you get started, take steps to make the most of this in-home date night:


Treat date night at home with the same intentionality as a night out - this means putting away your phone, reducing distractions, and focusing on each other


Have kids? Give them an early dinner, put them to bed early, or give them an alternative activity such as a movie or game to keep them busy. Click here for some other ideas.


Be flexible! Date night at home might be different than your usual routine. Don’t let a few mishaps or small roadblocks get in the way of having a great time.

Now It’s Time to Get Your Date Night On​

Start the evening with a fun recipe!

No movie night is complete without popcorn! These popcorn recipes are sure to upgrade this classic snack to the next level. Make one (or many) of these delicious variations together to enjoy during the movie and discussion questions.

Your Personal Short Film Festival

Cozy up together on the couch with your tasty snack and enjoy two Academy Award-nominated short films brought to you by Windrider Studios. Did you know these films first premiered at Sundance Film Festival?

First up, enjoy Soar, a gorgeous animated film that took over two years for student filmmakers to create.

Now that your creative brain is engaged, up next is Head Over Heels, a unique and relatable story about the ways we approach our relationships differently, and how our differences don’t have to lead to disconnection.

Wonder how these incredible films are made? You’re in luck! Here’s an exclusive interview with the creators.

Talk It Out

Are you feeling inspired to reconnect? Finish out the evening with this discussion guide to help you talk about the films you’ve seen.

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