Easter Family Garden Kit

Spend a day connecting as a family and planting herbs together! Get access to tips & tricks for growing herbs at home, printable herb labels, and a plant growth pamphlet / devotional for kids.

Whether you have a big back yard or a tiny balcony, growing herbs is an attainable gardening goal for anyone! Since herbs grow in smaller quantities and get used frequently, you just need a little space with sunlight to get started. Here are some quick tips to get you started before you go and buy your herb pods or seeds.

1) Take note of the spot you’d like to have your garden. Observe how many hours of sunlight it gets a day. This will be useful when picking out your herbs to make sure you pick the plants that match with the amount of sunlight you have to offer. Do research on the herbs you’re interested in. Make note of how much sun and water they need and try to pick herbs that are compatible with each other.

2) Make sure to wait until temperatures stop going below freezing to get started. Plants are rather resilient and forgiving but can’t withstand freezing temperatures.

3) Always trend towards overestimating pot size than underestimating. Make sure your starter pots have plenty of room for the roots to grow and develop, 8” is typically recommended. Also, make sure your pots have a good drainage system. Using rocks isn’t actually as effective as getting a pot with a hole in the bottom. (You can use a tray underneath to prevent dripping)

4) Chives, scallions, and basil are all easy first time growers and may be a good place to start!

5) Coffee grounds and seaweed are a great way to “feed” your soil and keep it nourishing your herbs once they are growing.

6) Be careful not to over water your herbs either, sticking a finger into the soil to see if it’s dry below the top layer is a good test. If it is, make sure to water them, if it’s still damp, wait a bit longer.

Printable Labels

Click here to download a set of labels you can print and tape to your pots!

As you go through the gardening process, use it as an opportunity for a simple science and Bible lesson with your kids! Here’s an easy guide:

How Plants Grow

Photosynthesis: How Plants Eat
A plant’s leaves absorb sunlight using a compound called chlorophyll (chlorophyll is what gives plants their green color). Plants also absorb carbon dioxide from the air and water from the soil.

Plants use the sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to create food, using a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis creates nutrients for the plant to eat, and creates oxygen which the plant releases into the air.

Plants are a wonderful gift from God. They grow beautiful flowers, fruits and veggies for people and animals to eat, and create oxygen for us to breathe!

Take time to read about the plant life cycle and connect this process to how God’s word can grow in our hearts! Start by reading Luke Chapter 8, verses 4–15.

A seed is planted in the soil and watered to make it grow.

When we accept Jesus into our hearts, that is like planting a seed within us.

Roots grow out of the seed to absorb water and help feed the plant.

When we read the Bible we are watering that seed and helping it to grow!

While the roots keep growing into the soil, a stem sprouts up out of the dirt and leaves start to grow.

When God’s word is planted in our heart we start to bear the fruits of the spirit! Our “little sprouts” show up in the ways we love others and honor God’s word.

Read Galatians 5: 22-23. Discuss how you and your children can work on practicing the fruits of the spirit.

The fully grown plant absorbs sun through its leaves and water through its roots. Water and sunlight feed it and help it grow bigger and stronger.

When we read the Bible, pray, and honor God through our words and actions we produce “fruit” that the world can see. John 15:5 says “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” We need a relationship with God to keep growing spiritually, just like our plants need water and sunlight to keep growing!

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