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America faces a family crisis. This crisis has battered society – causing a cascade of social ills and diminishing belief in Jesus Christ. So far, the Church has struggled to address it. This threat is existential and calls for the People of God to leverage their whole heart, soul, and mind in using the very best strategies to combat it. Endgame recognizes that time is running out for the Church to solve the crisis. It analyzes pathbreaking empirical research and provides insights on new strategies churches are deploying to solve this crisis and save family and faith in America.

A New Book Outlines a Game Plan for a Church-led ‘Marriage Renaissance’

“What I appreciate most about Endgame is that its authors do not simply chastise churches for not doing enough to support healthy marriages; they provide a detailed roadmap and tools to help church leaders launch a ‘marriage renaissance’ in their congregations and beyond.”

The American Church In Crisis and What We Must Do to Turn It Around

“The American church is in crisis. Church membership is in decline and many young people are opting out of the Christian faith. J.P. De Gance co-author of the book, Endgame, says the downward trend began long before the start of the Covid pandemic.”

Can Our Nation's Churches Save Marriage—and the Family?

The authors of this compelling new book assert that the decline in church attendance in America is inextricably linked to the decline of marriage. Moreover, they make the case that it’s the church itself that is best positioned to revive declining marriage numbers….”

The Next Great Awakening Will Come Through Churches’ Efforts To Fix Broken Families, Marriages: Christian Author

“The Christian Post spoke with authors De Gance and Van Epp about their new book, which provides pastors with guidance…”

Most Churches Lack a 'Marriage 911.' Here's Why That Needs to Change

“Marriage and relationship ministry must be much broader than just prepping the engaged or doing subpar work with those in crisis.”

JP De Gance | Endgame

“The title is Endgame. The author, JP De Gance — he’s the founder and president of Communio and he designed an oversaw the largest privately-funded community marriage project in U.S. history whicih lowered the divorce rate in an entire U.S. city by 24 percent.”

Decrease in Marriage Continues a Spiraling Wave of Problems, and Churches are AWOL

“Two authors with extensive backgrounds in marriage and the Christian church have written a book, Endgame: The Church’s Strategic Move to Save Faith and Family in America, outlining the crisis…”

Churches key to advancing ‘next Great Awakening’ by fixing broken families, marriage experts say

“According to the authors, the way to save the declining American family is to have churches across the country more actively pursue family and relationship ministries.”

Healing the Family and Saving the Country

“The authors of a new book, Endgame, make an airtight case for why the church must radically change its thinking about its role in nurturing and supporting the family.”

Stronger Families, Stronger Freedom

“John-Paul ‘J.P.’ DeGance, president and CEO of Communio, works with churches and communities to bolster marriage.”

Saving Faith and Family in America

“JP De Gance discusses his new book with Dr. Jay Richards and the Rev. Dean Nelson.”

The Pope and Biden Must Discuss Marriage

“Pope Francis recently launched a tweetstorm with a myriad of calls to action. But unfortunately, he left out the single biggest item that reduces poverty and closes the income gap in the West: healthy and fruitful marriages.”