Donor Impact Stories

These remarkable journeys, empowered by faith and growth, were made possible with vital support from Communio’s donors. 

Ryan and Lauren Casperaites were high school sweethearts who got married in 2012 after being together since they were 17. Lauren had a strong faith from being raised by her grandparents, while Ryan initially attended church to spend time with her. After the birth of their daughter Emma, Lauren fervently prayed for her family to find faith. Meanwhile, Ryan felt drawn to a church he passed daily, and after Lauren’s prayer, he suggested attending that church, Fellowship of the Parks (FOTP).

Upon visiting FOTP, the family felt a strong connection and eventually joined the marriage ministry. Attending a transformative weekend called Pursue Oneness strengthened their communication and conflict resolution skills, impacting their marriage and parenting. This experience inspired them to volunteer and later lead the ministry, helping couples prepare for marriage.

In the face of Lauren’s battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, their faith, learned skills, and support from their church community has been crucial. Their story also contributed to a cultural shift within the church, emphasizing the importance of marriage ministry for all couples. Fellowship of the Parks has actively embraced a Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry™ approach, strengthening marriages, growing their church, and positively impacting their community. The Casperaites’ journey showcases the transformative power of faith and learning, turning a good marriage into one that continually grows and thrives.

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Mike and Tammy, once high school sweethearts in Austin, TX, drifted apart after graduation, marrying and having kids in less-than-ideal relationships. Both marriages lacked communication and a Christ-centered focus, leading to divorce.
Despite their history, they remained distant ‘friends’ on Facebook.
A turning point came when Mike, on a work trip to Austin six years ago, asked Tammy to lunch. The old spark reignited, prompting deep conversations about their priorities and the need for a Christ-centered relationship. Mike had sporadically attended Fellowship of the Parks Church and noticed their Launch Program, designed for serious couples, aligning with their values.
After three years of dating and an engagement, they attended the Launch Program, gaining valuable insights into setting expectations for married life. The program became a cornerstone, saving them from potential issues and stress. The church then connected them with a mentor couple, offering crucial support.
They married shortly before the pandemic, and during the lockdown, engaged with FOTP’s Pursue Oneness class, a nine-hour skills-based course focusing on conflict resolution, servant leadership, and communication. They participated both as attendees and leaders, valuing the lessons learned. Their commitment to a small group and engaging in fun-focused events organized by the church’s marriage ministry further strengthened their bond and friendships with other Christ-centered couples.
Tammy and Mike’s journey illustrates the transformative impact of prioritizing a Christ-centered relationship, seeking education and support, and engaging in a supportive community to foster a strong and enduring marriage.
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