Communio Launches Major, Multi-Year Effort to Reduce Divorce in Denver

Communio is launching a three-year initiative to equip a coalition of Catholic parishes and evangelical and mainline Protestant churches in Denver, CO to strengthen marriages, reduce divorce, and grow their congregations through data-informed, full-circle relationship ministry. 

The Anschutz Foundation and a coalition of Colorado business leaders and philanthropists have provided the funding for Communio to launch its third city platform of 2019: Denver, Colorado.

    • As the capital of Colorado and the largest metro area in the Mountain West, the Mile High City will serve as an important beachhead for producing larger shifts in family dynamics across this important state. 

Roughly 70 percent of the $1.7 million, three-year City Platform budget has now been committed.  This effort will catalyze a self-sustaining relationship health movement that will equip roughly 40 of the largest churches across two of the metro’s most populace counties – Denver and Arapahoe.  

    • With the support and collaboration of the Archdiocese of Denver, Communio will hire a local Catholic city director to equip somewhere between 15-20 parishes within the Archdiocese of Denver with our proven change model: a data informed, full-circle relationship ministry

Through this City Platform, churches will measurably reduce the divorce rate, boost family stability, and increase regular church attendance.  

You get a great idea of what the initial steps of this approach looks in different churches by clicking here

The three-year project covers a population of approximately 1.3 million people. During this period, Communio will:

    • Train each church to diagnose marital and relationship needs of their members and those in the community through internal assessments and insights gained from consumer product data. 
    • Consult with each church to develop and execute their own outreach and engagement strategy that puts people – both inside and outside of the church – onto a growth journey toward healthier relationships.  This makes the church a community change agent.  
    • Run a city-wide digital marketing funnel targeted to at-risk populations and moving them into ministry engagement. 

Central to this effort is helping church leaders develop their own Ministry Engagement Ladder – a strategic framework Communio employs to help a church think through outreach and engagement opportunities for church growth.

Churches draw from a catalog of over 80 pieces of content to fill each critical rung of the ladder, including:

    1. Outreach Events deploy an inside-out marketing strategy drawing in both existing members and those not already connected with the church into fun experiences that edify marriage. Those big events provide a clear next step that flow people into an…
    2. Ongoing Engagement Experience – or smaller event setting like group date nights – hosted on or off the church campus – where individuals and couples can build relationships with their spouses and others. These events provide a clear next step into a final…
    3. Growth Journey – Here, people attend skills-based ministry experiences that improve relationship health.

Through the Denver City Platform, Communio will “teach churches to fish” so that they are not dependent on our staff for long-term support. Each Data-Informed, Relationship Ministry is its own.  Once trained and supported during the platform period, churches are able to continue with our framework long into the future. Communio can then turn its focus to catalyzing a relationship health movement in new cities.

With loneliness and social isolation at epidemic levels in America, Communio is empowering churches of various Christian faith traditions to build community by saving marriages.