Couple’s Hiking Guide - A Great Date in the Great Outdoors

How to Passionately Pursue Connection and Intentional Time Together

You and your partner may not have all the same interests, but you can choose to show interest in one another by willingly investing in intentional time together. That’s why we’ve put together this fun, outdoor hiking experience for you. Get some fresh air and take time to step outside of your own personal preferences to do something together.

Get started with this short video – then download your free Couple’s Hiking Guide and set off on your adventure.

Kick Off Your Date By Getting Cozy & Watching This Video Together

Find a Trail in Your Area

You’ll be amazed at how many great hiking spots there are just right around the corner from you. is a great online resource of over 100,000 trails across the country. Just drop in your zip code and find a trail that’s close to home. The site includes great tools for planning your trek and allows you to filter based on difficulty, length, elevation, and much more.

Head Out

Get out into nature and spend some quality time in the great outdoors! Choose a location to explore together and print out this Couple’s Hiking Guide to make your journey extra special and memorable.

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