Communio Conversations: Mountain Ridge Church

Imagine a 14 percent increase in attendance at your church. How would that impact your mission?

That’s the increase in attendance the team at Mountain Ridge Church in Glendale, AZ has seen since starting their partnership with Communio.

Mountain Ridge Church has successfully implemented Communio’s Full-Circle Relationship Ministry® model. They started in April of 2023 with a Strategic Planning Meeting to solidify two measurable goals and a 12-month plan to achieve those goals. 

That’ll be one of the topics at our next Communio Conversations, April 30th, 2 pm ET, as we feature Mountain Ridge’s lead pastor, Brett Carlson, and community pastor, Cory Bramlett.

Together, they’ll talk about their tremendous growth over the past 8 months and invite you to align your church around making disciples by building families both in the church and the community.

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