Communio Conversations with Jim Jansen

Jesus’ commission to make disciples has never been more urgent, but for all the conversation in recent years, one question remains: 

How do you make disciples in a parish?  

A Clear Path: How to Make Missionary Disciples in Your Parish is a practical and tangible answer to that question.  Author, coach, and consultant Jim Jansen draws from decades of personal experience making missionary disciples and coaching pastors and leaders in parish renewal while clearly articulating the Catholic Church’s teachings on the process of evangelization.  

Jim is also the host of EquipCast, a podcast produced by the Archdiocese of Omaha, designed to help pastors and leaders transform culture.

Tune into this Communio Conversations as we unpack the vision for a clear discipleship path and how Communio’s Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry® model perfectly complements this discipleship pathway.

This conversation is perfect for parish teams, pastoral/finance councils, and ministry leaders who want to learn how to make and mature disciples in their parish.