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Fellowship of the Parks hosted a Chocolate Challenge Date - Fort Worth, Texas

In Fort Worth, Texas, Fellowship of the Parks, a multisite evangelical church, hosted a Chocolate Challenge Date Night. The church was thrilled to have nearly 200 attendees, with 38 percent coming from outside the church! This was an outreach event that had relationship skills mixed into an otherwise fun date night that sought to build community among new and returning couples.

Staff at Fellowship of the Parks will be following up with these guests and inviting them to the next date night, Easter service, and eventually into the ongoing Growth Journey.  This church has been a real leader on marriage, moving 1,051 people 8 or more hours of relationship skills since the start of our partnership.

Chilly-fest at Triumph of the Holy Cross - Pittsburgh, PA

In Pittsburgh, Triumph of the Holy Cross, a Catholic parish in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, hosted an evangelizing outreach event that received great reviews both from parishioners and non-parishioners alike. Just before Lent, Chilly-fest brought together neighbors, friends, and strangers for a day of fun, fellowship, and, yes, delicious chili. Half of the 140 attendees were not members of the church, but were welcomed with open arms. Long-time parishioners were equally surprised by the turnout, with one priest jokingly asking, “Who are all these people?”

20 percent Sunday attendance growth at
Mt. Ridge Church - Phoenix, AZ

On the other side of the country in the American Southwest, Mountain Ridge Church held an outreach event with 230 people in attendance. First-time guests made up 60 percent of this family movie night.  This dynamic Baptist church is running with all four rungs of their Ministry Engagement Ladder, which is sparking meaningful growth in their Sunday attendance. When our collaboration began, they were averaging 575 each Sunday – today, that number is over 700, representing over 20 percent growth. They’ve excelled at turning outreach into ongoing engagement that is driving participation into the Marriage Course.

Alpha Marriage Course at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church - Lake Ridge, VA

Speaking of the skills-based Marriage Course, out on the east coast, 29 couples participated in the Alpha Marriage Course at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Lake Ridge, VA. In the exit survey, 55% of respondents indicated improvement in this question “All in all, how satisfied are you with your marriage?” One of the couples shared:

“This was a fantastic program; very relevant for all types of people and communication styles. I think some past hurts were raised/acknowledged and we’re in a better place now than at the start.”

The parish pastor has embraced the Ministry Engagement Ladder Framework with regular date nights for couples and our recommended “Layering” approach to drive engagement in the skills-based Growth Journey.  On April 26-28, they’re hosting Live the Life’s Adventures in Marriage – the most commonly used marriage program during Communio’s successful push that lowered the divorce rate 24 percent in Jacksonville, Florida.  Among all programs ever independently evaluated, Adventures in Marriage has the largest “dosage effect” – meaning that no other program has been shown to have a more positive improvement on marital health.

300 attended the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast - Helena, MT

In Montana, where more than 300 attended the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast from around the state, there are some great things happening in Protestant and Catholic churches – including some really positive collaboration:

A group of four evangelical churches are collaborating to host an Adventures in Marriage retreat in Missoula. In a great ecumenical wrinkle, it’s actually being run by a parishioner at St. Thomas the Apostle in Billings.  Thomas was a full partner of Communio from 2019-2022 and after Communio paid to bring the Adventures in Marriage training to Montana, they incorporated it into their ministry.

In speaking with Communio’s director of church strategy in Montana, he’s working to get a larger and larger team of churches with volunteers certified to run this program. 

Governor Gianforte presenting at the Prayer Breakfast.
J.P. De Gance, J.P.'s daughter, and Gov. Gianforte (Left to Right).
J.P. sharing Communio's mission at the Governor's Prayer Breakfast.