When Unexpected Change Affects Your Marriage

John Hazelwood (an Engagement Officer with Communio) and Pat Hazelwood, founding directors of Yes! Marriage Works, look at what happens when unexpected (and expected) changes threaten to disrupt a missionary couple’s marriage.

Sex and the Single Evangelical

Evangelicals share something in common with every other branch of conservative Christianity. They hold to a simple view of sex outside of marriage, rooted in many centuries of historical teaching and what appear to be the plain teachings of the Bible, especially the New Testament—don’t.

Be Strong and Courageous in Marriage

I believe we are called to “be strong and courageous” in our marriages. And there are some practical ways we can work together with God to build them up.

The Kelce Courtship of Taylor Swift

Courtship requires work — and clarification. A good man knows she’s worth the work. A good woman knows this too, which brings clarity to the relationship. Ends determine methods.

Supporting Marriages in Crisis

At its heart, walking through a marriage crisis with your friend is just like walking through the rest of life with that friend, it’s just another phase of life that the two of you share.