Pro-Natalism Is Not Necessarily Pro-Family

Civilization is in crisis. The birth decline continues to drop as marriage rates plummet and suffer from further delay. But how responsible is our culture for this? Does it play a role in family formation, making it intentionally harder to have kids? Would a more religious culture that encourages married couples to have more babies catch on?

Pope Encourages Catholic Marriage Group to “Rescue” Families

Pope Francis spoke to the Teams of Our Lady, a Catholic movement supporting marriages, emphasizing that successful marriages need Christ’s presence, not just the couple’s willpower. He urged members to protect and cherish marriages, be role models for young people, and support newlyweds, highlighting the importance of faith in married life and collaboration between couples and priests to strengthen the Church community.

The Sexual Revolution Of The Roman Empire

When you think of the sexual revolution, what comes to mind? Woodstock and flower-power, housewives liberated from the tyranny of 2.5 kids and a white picket fence. But what if we told you that the most significant sexual revolution didn’t happen in America or even in this millennia? Join Live Action’s founder and president Lila Rose as we go back nearly 2000 years ago, to the original sexual revolution: that of the early Christians in the Roman Empire.

Marrying for the “Right” Reasons

Dating shows like “The Bachelor” often question contestants’ motives, but expecting them to seek only love is unrealistic given the show’s setup. Historically, marriages for practical reasons were common and successful. Today, many view marriage as unnecessary, not realizing it provides over 1,000 legal benefits that can’t be replicated by private contracts. As marriage rates decline, highlighting these practical benefits is crucial to countering the trend.

5 Saints to call on for 5 different problems concerning love

Seeking the intercession of saints for guidance in matters of the heart? Here are five Catholic saints known for their devotion to God and their ability to offer comfort and clarity in love-related struggles. These saints are recommended for their unique attributes, which make them suitable for aiding in specific aspects of love, drawing upon their life stories and spiritual virtues.

The Happiness Trinity

Why it’s so hard to answer the question What makes us happiest? Research findings and expert opinions are questioning whether the emphasis on companionship overshadows the importance of income. It challenges the idea of a happiness income threshold and underscores the ongoing relevance of income to overall well-being.

The closing of the American heart

“We must do a better job of making marriage attractive to young adults.”
Brad Wilcox shares his concern that our nation’s retreat from marriage is having effects on the next generation.