Director of Operations

Reports to: President and CEO


Communio is a nonprofit that consults with churches to equip them with data insights and ministry best practices to foster healthier relationships for singles, those preparing for marriage, married couples, and those in marital crisis. Our goal is to empower churches to become community change agents that can strengthen marriages and families at scale.

Role Description

The Director of Operations will report to the Communio president and serve as a crucial member of our senior management team. As the organization rapidly scales into new markets in 2020 and 2021, the director will oversee our overall business operations and growth strategy as well as implement business policies and procedures to ensure that that growth is sustained and replicable over time. This role will develop and manage processes for the successful onboarding and training of new and existing staff and churches, oversee all operational aspects of Communio’s City and Church Platforms (including contracts, management of financial controls and reporting processes, and church onboarding and training processes), and manage all of Communio’s ongoing internal human resource

An overview of the job responsibilities includes:

  • Develop and improve Communio’s onboarding, training, and consultation
    processes for churches inside our City Platforms and those outside of them.
  • Oversee all operational elements of entire City and Church Platforms when directed by Communio’s president. This includes:
    • Ensuring appropriate Communio contracts (whether Church or City Platform) are signed and filed appropriately as well as those of Communio
      business partners.
    • Developing processes for successful church onboarding(s) including the initial on-site planning session, internal church assessment, and upload of church membership to the database for aggregate reporting.
    • Ensuring on-site presentation and manual are prepared with church-specific data insights and, depending on the church size, are shipped to meeting site.
  • Establish and execute HR procedures for new and existing staff, including:
    • Preparation of W-2 forms, selection/management of insurance and retirement, and payroll in compliance with applicable local/state/federal laws.
    • Procuring all employee assets, including laptop, email address, marketing collateral, presentations, and office locations (where applicable).
    • Managing team integration process, including on-site or remote orientation/training on Communio’s model.
  • Manage financial controls and processes and serve as liaison with legal/compliance partners to:
    • Ensure financial tracking obligations (church outreach account balances, expense class tracking, etc) are being met.
    • Ensure earned revenue or donations are deposited and logged appropriately.
    • Solicit legal counsel/support on contracts and business decisions
    • Manage audit process.
    • Oversee basic database management/maintenance/upgrades.
    • Establish systems for business continuity and growth (shared file storage, staff assets folders, etc).
  • Collaborate with Communio’s Director of City Strategy and Vice President of Communications to ensure the effective operation of Communio’s Church and City platforms.

Special Skills/Requirements:

  • Understand and support Communio’s mission and vision.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and workflows at once.
  • Highly-organized, ambitious, and self-driven.
  • Public speaking and an advanced level of interpersonal communication.
  • High degree of professionalism.
  • Comfort with and willingness to talk to people on the phone.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Good writing skills.

Please send a cover letter and resume to Joseph Moser (