Church Consultant

Reports to: Director of Church and City Strategies


Communio is a nonprofit that consults with churches to equip them with data insights and ministry best practices to foster healthier relationships for singles, those preparing for marriage, married couples, and those in marital crisis. Our goal is to empower churches to become community change agents that can strengthen marriages and families at scale.

Role Description

Communio’s Church Consultant will manage a portfolio of 20 individual Church Platforms to equip pastors and their leadership teams with our proven change model: a Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry. Under this model, Communio’s Church Consultant helps a church diagnose marital and relationship challenges of their members – and those in the community – through the use of first party assessments and analysis gleaned from consumer product data. The Consultant uses that data to help the church craft and implement a holistic ministry outreach and engagement strategy that fosters healthier relationships at all stages of romantic life – for singles, engaged, and married. Over a two-year period, the Church Consultant is onsite quarterly with churches to help them develop, market, and run community-oriented Outreach Events that flow into Ongoing Engagement, and ultimately into skill-based couples education programs.


Church Consultant

  • Identify and initiate contact with churches that results in the sale of two-year Church Platform subscriptions.
  • Onboard and manage the implementation of individual churches onto Communio’s Church Platform with the goal of establishing a Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry. This includes:
    • Equipping churches to run an initial electronic survey on the relationship health quality of the church’s membership. Assist in the analysis of the relationship health risks and opportunities in a church’s membership and surrounding community by using Communio’s data platform.
    • Organizing and hosting an initial planning session with church leadership to review data diagnostic and develop a 24-month outreach and event strategy roadmap.
    • Using Communio’s Content Catalog, help the church select and implement specific Outreach Events, Ongoing Engagements, and a skills-based Growth Journey that put people on a path toward healthier relationships and deeper involvement with the church.
    • Helping church establish a baseline of current trends (weekly attendance, weekly generosity, etc) and setting clear year-over-year goals to track efficacy of new relationship ministry over time. 
    • Working with Communio’s marketing team, help the church create and run digital and mail outreach that drives participation in relationship ministry offerings. 
    • Host onsite quarterly meetings at the church during the two-year subscription period to assess church progress toward developing a full-circle relationship ministry, assist in implementation, offer guidance, and help recalibrate if necessary.
    • Organize monthly 60-minute phone or video conferences to support the launch and execution of outreach campaigns and events.

Platform Coordinator

  • Oversee the successful planning and implementation of all activities across a portfolio of 20 churches, including church staff trainings, ongoing consultative meetings, and relationship ministry events/programs. 
  • Participate in and attend relationship ministry events at churches as appropriate to track progress, offer feedback to staff, and to report back to Communio on bright spots/missed opportunities for future efforts. 
  • Review promotion and registration process for Church Platform events for Communio’s reporting purposes.
  • Review all materials selected by churches for outreach events, ongoing engagement, and skill-based ministry to ensure alignment with Communio’s overall mission-focus and messaging on relationship health. 

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in community relations, communications, pastoral ministries, or related field; and/or 4 years related experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience in community relations, church ministry, organizational networking, or related environments.
  • Two years of experience and proven capability in planning and coordinating a variety of events.
  • Proficiency in Windows and Office applications required.
  • Ability to speak publicly in meetings, speeches, and events.
  • Ability to conduct ongoing correspondence through various modes of communication with growing and ever-changing networks. 
  • Ability to work ecumenically with a variety of Christian faith traditions and Christian-based organizations.  
  • Ability to effectively advocate on behalf of families in a community with diverse populations, cultural backgrounds, and social-economic circumstances. 
  • Must be willing and able to travel.


Depending on qualifications. Includes benefits. 

Communio is an equal opportunity employer.

Please send cover letter and resume to Luke Nelson ( J.P. De Gance (