Perspective: Young adults are losing their religion. Are their parents to blame?

A recent survey by Deseret News and Marist Poll found that only 21% of young adults report going to church once or twice a month. Research suggests that religious faith originates in the home, and fathers play a major role in whether it lasts. Find out the societal and generational implications a father’s religious influence is diminished or removed.


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In a recent Barna survey, working mothers shared with Barna that they are feeling overwhelmed, navigating workplace shifts and desiring time to prioritize self-care, findings we’ll take a closer look at in this article.
Two trends have long made it a challenge for couples to maintain a strong connection over the course of their marriage. Couples tend to get progressively more comfortable with each other over time. At the same time, the burdens they are asked to carry get heavier and heavier.

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