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Anxiety in marriages across the country remains high as the quarantine continues. Given this new landscape, what are the most effective ways churches can strengthen and support couples?

Communio quickly developed an online toolbox of free and inexpensive digital resources and outreach strategies pastors can leverage to serve marriages at this time of crisis. We call it the COVID Crisis Toolbox for Relationships.

Click here to access the toolbox.

During the webinar, Communio president JP De Gance walks through the key elements of this toolbox which includes white-labeled digital content – meaning they carry no branding – your church can easily deploy now over email, text, social media, or video conference. You’ll also hear from leaders of three of the nation’s most effective content providers in the field of couples relationship education. Churches that leverage Communio’s COVID Toolbox can access this world-class content and share it with their members to purchase it at discounted rates.

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