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One of Communio’s most dynamic church clients, LCBC Church, hosted its largest ever Outreach Event with more than 6,200 attending their “Great Date” experience on 13 of its campuses across central and southern Pennsylvania. 

  • Jason Mitchell, one of LCBC’s teaching pastors, told us that 32 percent of those who registered had never before been to the church. They sold out 7 of their 13 campus venues.  

Guests left LCBC having experienced a fun, memorable night out that edified marriages and healthy relationships.  One couple with young kids told us afterwards that it had been more than a year since they had gone out on a date together.

But, this Outreach Event was not a one-and-done event.  It was a small part of a long-term, holistic strategy employed by the church to launch a Full-Circle, Relationship Ministry™.  

In the six weeks leading up to Friday, our team consulted with LCBC to select and run a sermon series built around relationship health content from one of Communio’s most effective content providers – the RAM series. Each Sunday during the series, attendees were encouraged to join relationship enrichment small groups where the content is delivered. They were also regularly encouraged to mark their calendars to attend the “A Great Date” experience on February 7.

All this was paired with an aggressive six-week digital outreach campaign which leveraged data insights to invite those in the community who fit a predictive analytic of having a marriage-in-need. 

Since the launch of this campaign, LCBC has experienced its highest-recorded Sunday attendance rates outside of the Christmas and Easter holidays.  

Following a two-day planning session with their entire 200-member staff in September 2019, Communio helped LCBC set an aggressive goal of moving 10,000 of their members, and thousands more in their community, through eight-hour or longer relationship skills ministry in 2020. This objective unified their team around a clear mission focus.  

It was during that session where Communio also introduced LCBC to a new strategic framework – the Ministry Engagement Ladder™ – which helped them select, plan, and run a series of attractional events that flow people from outreach to smaller ongoing engagement experiences and eventually into skills-based ministries that improve relationship health. 

LCBC is on pace to have reached 67 percent of their annual goal for moving 10,000 through 8-hour or longer relationship skills-ministry.  

LCBC is an example of what happens when a church catches the vision of strengthening marriages and relationships. 

They are becoming a community change agent across southern and central Pennsylvania.

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