August 14, 2019

Communio, a national nonprofit that consults with churches to leverage data insights and ministry best practices to strengthen marriages and relationships, has launched its first new City Platform this summer. 

The Gianforte Family Foundation has made a generous funding commitment to bring Communio’s model to their home state’s largest county and city: Yellowstone County, home of Billings, MT.   

The multi-year, six-figure investment by the Gianforte Foundation will serve a critical mass of churches with breakthrough data analytics and Communio’s holistic ministry game plan – a Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry™ –  to measurably improve the marital and relational health of both their congregations and their city. 

Communio’s President JP De Gance said:

Thanks to the support and visionary leadership of the Gianforte Family and Communio’s partners, Billings, and soon other markets, will become a springboard for the local church to lead the next great cultural renewal movement. Micro-targeted marketing and data analytics have long existed in the commercial and political world. But in a lot of ways, the faith sector is still living, technologically at least, in the 1990s. Communio is excited to equip the Billings’ church community with 21st century micro-targeting technology and the best in relationship ministry to strengthen marriages and faith across the county.

Billings is the first of several medium- to large-sized markets that Communio will launch in 2019, led by the generosity and support of local funders, to scale strategies shown to improve family stability and religious practice. 

Communio has hired a full-time City Mobilizer Eric Hutch, a Montana native and a pastor with a background in community-based marriage mobilization, to recruit and consult with churches and coordinate our county-wide efforts over this three-year project. Eric has deep relationships, credibility, and practical ministry knowledge in the Billings’ church community.

During this time, Eric will equip each church to become self-sufficient in our proven change model:

  • It begins with diagnosing the marital and relationship needs of their members and those in the community through internal assessments and insights gained from consent-based, consumer product data. 
  • Communio then consults with each church to develop and execute their own outreach and engagement strategy that puts people – both inside and outside of the church – onto a growth journey toward healthier relationships.  This makes the church a community change agent.  
  • Once a critical mass of churches implements this model, Communio activates a city-wide digital marketing funnel inviting at-risk populations into ministry engagement.

For more information or to explore bringing Communio’s model to your city or church, call us at (703) 347-7800 or email us at platform@communio.org.  Or visit our website – www.communio.org – for more background on our work.

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