Communio Helps Churches in Billings Launch a Relationship Health Movement!

Thanks to a generous funding commitment by made by a group of local philanthropists and family foundations, Communio is equipping churches across Billings with proven strategies and programs, data analytics, and breakthrough marketing technology to improve the marital and relational health of both their congregations and their city.

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After overseeing successful experiments to boost family formation and faith engagement in three pilot cities for the last three years, Communio’s Church Platform for social change is now available to churches in Billings, Montana. Communio will serve a critical mass of churches across the city with breakthrough data analytics and a holistic ministry game plan that allows them to support individuals and couples at each stage of relationship — for singles and the “seriously dating”, for engaged couples, for newlywed and married couples, and for marriages in crisis.

Communio at Work: Churches Produce 28% Divorce Decline in Two Years

By focusing ministry resources and energy on marital and relational health, over 50 churches produced a historic 28% decline in divorce across a major U.S. city in the first two years of an experiment. During that time, Communio equipped churches with data analytics on the marital and familial needs of their own members and those in their surrounding community. Armed with these insights, churches worked with Communio to develop ministry programs tailored to meet those unique needs and leverage 21st-century marketing tools to grow participation in their new ministry.

Communio has expanded into Billings to help local churches produce similar city-wide transformation.

Because of the generosity of our supporters, a monthly subscription to Communio’s Church Platform is available to your church at a 50% discount!

The platform includes:

  • Battle-test strategies and best practices proven to help your church grow by strengthening marriage;
  • A half million dollars in world-class market research on behaviors and emotional barriers around marriage and church attendance;
  • The most comprehensive catalog of the most effective relationship-strengthening programs and strategies in the country;
  • Access to breakthrough data and marketing tools that help you uncover marital and familial risks and reach out to those most in need.

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A Crisis of Meaning is Killing Americans

A loneliness epidemic is skyrocketing across the United States – and most of the West – as the two primary sources of meaningful personal relationships are in decline: faith and family. Suicide, liver cirrhosis, drug overdoses, and other “deaths of despair” are now the lead drivers of Americans’ drop in life expectancy – a trend not seen since World War I.

Family Decline Drives Faith Decline

  • Millennials are 78% more likely to attend church if they come from married homes;
  • The challenge is 54% of children born in the U.S. will reach their 17th birthday without a married mom and dad in the home;
  • 40% of children are born to unwed parents;
  • 1 in 4 Americans under 30 are religious “nones” — or not affiliated with any faith tradition;
  • Nearly HALF of Americans report chronic loneliness or feelings of isolation.

Marriage and Relationships: the Most Urgent Gap for the Church

  • 72% of all churches in America lack a substantive marriage ministry;
  • 74% of all churches have no ministry for newlyweds helping them through their first critical years of marriage;
  • 93% percent of churches do not offer ministries that encourage healthy habits around dating or discerning the right spouse for marriage;
  • 80% of churches report spending 0% of their budgets on marriage or relationship ministry.

Your Church is the Solution:
The Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry

Communio will work with churches across Billings to fill a major gap in the life of the church: marriage and relationships. Through Communio’s platform, churches will develop and run their own data-informed, full-circle relationship ministries – a comprehensive ministry approach developed out of Communio’s three-city experiment to help churches improve health at each stage of relationship: single life, marriage preparation, marriage enrichment, and marriages in crisis.

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How it works

The Church has always been at the heart of America’s greatest moral and cultural health movements. Only today, we need a relational health movement. Your church can lead it. Find out how.