Virginia Institute Launches Pronatalism Initiative to Address Global Birth Dearth

“The West is facing a very real population bomb — and not the one Paul Ehrlich or ‘Soylent Green’ predicted,” J.P. De Gance told OSV News. De Gance is the founder and president of Communio, a Virginia-based nonprofit ministry that trains and equips churches to renew healthy relationships, marriages and the family.

Pronatalism Initiative Addresses Global Birth Dearth

The problem,” Pope Francis said on May 10 as he addressed an annual conference in Rome on boosting birth rates, “is not how many of us there are in this world, but rather what kind of world we’re building.”

Pope: Families must help each other, build communities focused on Christ

Highlighting the current cultural challenges facing Christian families, the Pope called for special attention to young couples, helping them to understand Christian marriage as a vocation and to integrate faith into their daily lives, thus strengthening their marital bonds and communal ties.

Pro-Natalism Is Not Necessarily Pro-Family

Civilization is in crisis. The birth decline continues to drop as marriage rates plummet and suffer from further delay. But how responsible is our culture for this? Does it play a role in family formation, making it intentionally harder to have kids? Would a more religious culture that encourages married couples to have more babies catch on?

Pope Encourages Catholic Marriage Group to “Rescue” Families

Pope Francis spoke to the Teams of Our Lady, a Catholic movement supporting marriages, emphasizing that successful marriages need Christ’s presence, not just the couple’s willpower. He urged members to protect and cherish marriages, be role models for young people, and support newlyweds, highlighting the importance of faith in married life and collaboration between couples and priests to strengthen the Church community.