For Kids, Marriage Still Matters

The science could not be clearer: On average, the children of married parents are more likely to experience happier, healthier and more successful lives.

Defending Marriage When Church Leaders Don’t

The institution of marriage is under attack; in fact, in many ways it seems to be on its last legs. How have Catholic leaders failed in defending marriage, and how can Catholics rebuild our respect for this sacred institution?

Couple’s Story: Eric and Shari

Eric is the Marriage and Family Pastor at Harvest Church, in Billings, Montana, where he has been on staff since August 2007. He has been partnered with Communio for two years.

When Unexpected Change Affects Your Marriage

John Hazelwood (an Engagement Officer with Communio) and Pat Hazelwood, founding directors of Yes! Marriage Works, look at what happens when unexpected (and expected) changes threaten to disrupt a missionary couple’s marriage.