Valentine’s Date Night Kit – Social – Lead Gen

Valentine’s Date Night Kit Spend a romantic evening learning something new and having fun together at home! Having a romantic Valentine’s date doesn’t have to cost much. Below are two fun activities for you and your loved one to enjoy together! Set some time aside to reconnect, laugh, and enjoy one another during this holiday […]

Fox News – Jon Brown

Churchgoers in their 30s who never married ranked the loneliest group in the new survey.

Relevant Radio – The Drew Mariani Show

JP DeGance takes a look at the Communio Study that finds a connection between the dissolution of marriage and the decline of Christianity. Check out the study here:

Women of Grace – Keys to Saving the Faith & Family, Part 3

Today concludes our three-part series with guest JP De Gance entitled “Keys to Saving the Faith and Family.” In our time together, we’ve discovered the causes of the crisis of faith and family we’re experiencing, and we’ve discovered why the development of healthy relationships is the major piece of the solution. Today, we’ll take a look at various strategies Churches can employ to build out an effective relationship program within their faith community and their community at large.

Women of Grace – Keys to Saving the Faith & Family, Part 2

The family crisis in America has had a devastating effect on our society and culture, on our families, our communities, and interactions with others. But, we need not be victims held in its grip. JP De Gance, along with his cohorts, have developed a solution, a way to fight back, build back, and take back that which has been ravaged. He’s back with us today to continue to share Keys to Saving the Faith and Family. Join us for Part 2.

Women of Grace – Keys to Saving the Faith & Family, Part 1

Pope John Paul II, now saint, astutely said, “As the family goes, so goes the nation, and the whole world in which we live.” A glance about the cultural landscape proves the veracity of the Saint’s statement. For the last hundred years, but most especially in the last fifty years, the institution of the family has been in crisis for a variety of reasons, the fallout and devastation of which is all around us. In this series of programs, JP De Gance will identify the core of the crisis, and offer a solution that, if employed, can not only reverse the trend, but gain us something better than what was there before. Part 1 of Keys to Saving the Faith and Family.

The Leaven – Archdiocesan Year in Review 2022

Pastors and parish representatives listened to J.P. DeGance, founder of the nonprofit Communio and co-author of the book “Endgame,” present a game plan for parishes to support marriages and families during a marriage workshop on Feb. 26 at Savior Pastoral Center in Kansas City, Kansas.