10 At-Home Date Night Ideas

Enjoy a Romantic Evening In with Your Significant Other

Date night doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, you don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home. Just be intentional about doing something TOGETHER at least once a week! Here are 10 at-home date night ideas you can add to your routine now.

1. Prepare a New Recipe Together

The kitchen can be a romantic place to spend time with your partner. While you cook, avoid distractions and focus on collaboration and conversation. Here are a few ideas to get the conversation going!

New & exciting questions to ask your partner:

What is something new you’re learning?

If you could go anywhere in the country, where would you go?

What would you like to do for our upcoming milestone anniversary?

What is your favorite restaurant, if price was no issue?

What should be our 5-year plan for our family?

If you could have any job, what would it be and why?

What was your favorite date before we were married?

What do you remember most about our wedding?

2. Create a Playlist Together

Sharing music can be an intimate thing to do with your significant other. Hop on Spotify or Apple Music and create some playlists together. Maybe you want to create a throwback playlist or a worship playlist. Give yourself the freedom to create several playlists for different settings. This activity might even lead to some spontaneous dancing. Why does your significant other like the music they do? Is it connected to a memory or a time of life they cherished? Ask them!

3. Enjoy a Couple’s Spa Night

Dim the lights, put on some soothing nature sounds, and create a spa at home! You can start by exchanging massages, and even make some at home spa treatments. You can use soaked black tea bags on your eyes to reduce eye puffiness, and consider a mixture of sugar and olive oil for a great exfoliating treatment for your calves and feet. You can buy facial masks online or at the grocery store, or make your own! Honey and coffee grounds can be fantastic ingredients for a facial treatment.

4. Have a Game Night

Game nights never go out of style! Pop some popcorn, pull out a puzzle or your favorite card came, and enjoy. Whether your style is competitive or collaborative, you’re sure to have a great time. Did you know there are websites where you can order customized puzzles? Consider ordering a puzzle with a picture of one of your favorite memories as a couple. Check out Shutterfly for options.

5. Compete in the Kitchen

Have you ever seen the cooking show “Chopped”? Try out a similar competition at home and ask your kids to be the judge. Pick a dish, preferably one that relies on pantry staples, and each of you will make your own take on the dish. Give yourself a time limit for an extra challenge, then ask your kids to be a judge of who is truly the master chef.

6. Enjoy a Movie Night

Browse your favorite provider for an interesting movie or documentary. After watching the movie, ask your partner about their thoughts or any ideas that were sparked from the film. Since movie nights are likely to be a regular activity for the next few weeks, practice alternating with your significant other who chooses the film. Afterwards, have each person share what they loved about the movie and why they picked it.

7. Take an Online Class

Have you ever wanted to learn how to ballroom dance? Or edit your photos on Photoshop? What about a DIY project? Whatever skill you’ve wanted to master, there’s probably a class on YouTube that covers it. Pick a skill you both want to learn and get some practice together.

8. Create Your Own Book Club

Choose a book you and your significant other have both wanted to read. Now is the time! Make a reading plan, whether it’s a deadline or a few chapters a week, and plan to sit down together and discuss. Bonus: If the book features any particular type of food, consider cooking a meal together to enjoy during your conversation that matches the story.

9. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

It’s always fun to pull out old photo albums. Or- pull up your digital photos on a tablet or laptop. Make some coffee or tea and go through all your pictures with your partner. Recall all the special memories you’ve built over the years or even share a new childhood memory with them.

10. Plan Your Next Trip

While flights and long road trips may currently be off the table, it’s still fun to dream about the future and travels you might like to take. Make a Pinterest board filled with all the places you would like to visit, excursions you’d like to go on, or treats you’d like to eat. Although it might be fantasy, this could be a great opportunity to get to know each other a little better.